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The Omaha Lolita Society
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The community for lolitas in the Lincoln and Omaha areas
Welcome to omaha_in_frills! This community is a lolita and aristocrat community for the Omaha/Council Bluffs and Lincoln areas. It was made for the enthusiasts of lolita culture and fashion, and we are in no way associated with and DO NOT allow pornography or sexual activity of any kind.

Community Rules:

1. Please try to keep things on topic. Please don't start any drama as we are all friends here and we all share similar interests.

2. All pictures larger than 450x450 pixels must be placed under the cut. Up to two pictures are allowed to be shown on the main community page for each entry. If there are more than two pictures, the extra pictures must be placed under the cut. Please don't hotlink to other sites.

3. Please be courteous to all the other members of the community. If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say it.

4. You may make an introduction post as they are allowed and encouraged. Pictures are optional, your username and where you are located is just fine. We all want to make new friends and by doing so, more local meetups can occur. Usage of tags in your post will make it much more easy for other lolitas and aristocrats to find you.